Mike Berman

Mike Berman started his drumming career in Montreal and after touring with several acts throughout Canada and the US, he settled on the West Coast in the early 80s. Mike was the drummer with the Al Foreman house band at Jake O’Grady’s Roadhouse in Vancouver from 1988-94. From 1993-1995, Mike ran a successful jazz house gig with the multi-talented band “The StreetCats” at the Bourbon Street Grill in Maple Ridge. Since landing in the Comox Valley, Mike has played with several acts, and was the studio drummer on Todd Butler’s album “Back from the Brink” as well as Ryder Bachman’s debut album. Although versed in many styles, Mike has a particular love of jazz. He believes in a “less is more” style of music and is enjoying playing with all the wonderful talent he’s been able to connect with on Vancouver Island.